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Acoustically Treating a Home Theater Room

If you're building a home theater or upgrading your current setup then acoustic treatment is a must.  One of the craziest things I see in this industry is people buying tens of thousands of dollars of home theatre electronics, customized furniture, hd projectors and really nice surround sound speakers and not a lick of acoustic treatment. Don't be that guy - it'll make you look like someone who wanted a bunch of fancy toys they don't know how to use! But In all seriousness, If you want to get the most out of your audio visual gear make sure that you have your theater room adequately treated.

Sound panels will provide a nice visual & sonic ambiance to your theater space. We can even fabricate custom sizes and upholstery finishes to match the interior design of your theater space. 
To achieve an ideal acoustical environment for your home theater room we recommend a bare minimum of 20% room coverage. Depending on the size and shape of your room this amount may vary. Lots of theatre rooms use anywhere between 30%-40% room coverage. This will dramatically improve the Sonic Clarity of the audio in your room. Better audio quality = a better movie watching experience. 
To calculate your rooms minimum acoustic treatment requirements simply multiply your rooms square footage (room length x room width) dimensions by .20
The resulting number is how many square feet of acoustical treatments you will need to enhance the acoustics of your room.
If you really want to cut down on the reverberation and improve acoustics in in your room multiply your square footage dimensions by .35  
As far as placement of your acoustic panels in your theater room - you want to consider the esthetics and architecture of your room. Make sure the panels sizes you select fit nicely and work around your decor, speakers, light fixtures, wall sconces, furniture, etc. We are happy to consult you on the ideal placement to get the most out of your acoustical treatments.
If you have any questions about calculating the requirements for your particular room please fill out our FREE ROOM ANALYSIS FORM. You can also send photos of your room to customerservice@NGAcoustics.com - Or you can call us directly to discuss your rooms requirements between 9am-9pm et. @ (336) 684-0287

Our acoustics experts are here to help! We promise to help you find the BEST possible solution for your rooms needs!