Night club

Acoustically Treating a Night Club

Night clubs now days are essentially live music venues. Huge speakers, loud sound systems and live performances by artists are common place. It only makes sense for a venue that has music and live sound as the integral core of their business to be acoustically treated. Treating a night club will enhance the sonic quality of music being played and help you get the most out of your sound systems. You will also get the added benefit of more accurate monitoring for performing artists. Especially when the acoustic treatments are placed at or near the stage and at other sound reflection points in the club. 

Since the volume and sound velocity of a night club is very loud in comparison to speaking volume of the human voice - Our 2.5in panel thickness is recommended over a 1.5in thickness for improving acoustical clarity & treating your night club. However, our 3.5in thick panels will further increase the amount of sound absorption by each panel and cut down on the total number of panels required. So if wall space is limited a thicker panel will be exceedingly beneficial. 
We recommend a minimum of 20% room coverage to drastically enhance the acoustical properties of you night club facility.
To calculate 20% room coverage simply multiply the square footage dimensions (room length x room width) by .20 
The resulting number is how many square feet (sq/ft) of acoustical treatments you will need to achieve a beneficial change in the rooms acoustical properties. Remember 20% coverage is the minimum requirement and it is usually a good idea to exceed the minimum requirement to better enhance the acoustical properties of your space. 
Note: Remember that you need to account for the ceiling height when determining your rooms requirements. The previous equation is for room's that have an 8ft-10ft ceilings. So for every extra 8ft increase in room height, your treatment requirements double. If you have a 16ft ceiling multiply the final number by (2). If you have a 24ft ceiling multiply your final number by (3). This will ensure that your room is getting adequate coverage. 
If you have any questions about calculating the requirements for your particular room please fill out our FREE ROOM ANALYSIS FORM. You can also send photos of your room to - Or you can call us to discuss your rooms requirements between 9am-9pm et. @ (336) 684-0287
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